Medeopolis Business IT Solutions

Web Development - Open Source Solutions - IT Consultation

Services We Offer

  • Full stack development
    • Backend customisations
    • Frontend theming
  • Integrations
  • Data migration
  • Managed hosting
  • Systems administration
  • System installation, mantainance and upgrades
  • Training

Systems we specialise in:

  • GLAM sector:
    • CollectiveAccess
    • AtoM (Access to Memory)
    • Archivematica
    • Omeka S
    • Eprints
  • Django (Python Web Framework)
    • Wagtail CMS
    • Tendanci


Karl has 15 years involvement with Free Software and Open Source communities. His contributions range from Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions to the Tendenci Association Management platform, from ePrints to modules for Ansible and Puppet configuration management.

He has assisted individuals at all levels of business with selecting and deploying suitable software - including deployments in Central Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Karl has been a member of technology related community groups for almost twenty years, first in South Australia then in Tasmania. He has been a member of a relevant professional body (SAGE-AU then ITPA) since 2009 and was a board member of ITPA for several years.

Monica has been working in library systems at the University of Tasmania since 2009. Most of her current work is with the open source systems used by the University, such as ePrints, AtoM (Access to Memory), Archivematica, Omeka S and most recently, CollectiveAccess.

She has experience with data migration, full stack web development, and open source system deployment and management. Her passion is developing and customising systems that are usable, accessible and fit for purpose.

Monica is able to consult on the best IT solutions for your organisation by utilising her deep understanding of technology and its interactions.

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